Here are a selection of frequently asked questions and their answers:

How much do Mannic Promotions charge?

Where is Mannic Promotions based?
Mannic Promotions is based in London, England. We work both within and outside the London area. To check if we will work in your area please send an e-mail to us.

How is Mannic Promotions run?
Mannic Promotions is co-owned by Nick Myers and Nick Gale, whom are both heavily commited to providing an excelling, high quality, proffesional service. There are several employees of Mannic Promotions, whom are highly skilled in their specific areas of entertainment, including top DJs and Magicians; Mannic Promotions are proud to have a member of the renowned Magic Circle on their team.

For any questions that are not answered on this page please send an e-mail to us.